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  As a public school educator for the past 20 years and a Teacher of the Gifted for 15 of those years, I have experienced a wide range of learning environments. The central mission for public education is fulfilling the needs of all learners. However, some children must be given an opportunity that goes beyond average expectations, and beyond what is already known. For some learners, the more that is expected the more they will produce, the proverbial rising to the occasion. The key is maintaining interest and enthusiasm so that the child wants to learn more. I know the secret.

I am confident experience at ThinkTank will not only raise your eager-learner's interest level but will increase their test scores, their intellectual worth and their ability to interact with others on a collegial level. They will become intellectually competitive through hands-on application of higher-order thinking challenges.

My goal is to bring like minded, high-ability children together, to brainstorm, project manage, inspire and expand.


Patricia has been married to husband Raja for 14 years.

They have four children, Josh, KK, Hannah and Angel-Walker.








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